Race belt OR safety pins, filled water bottle(s), hat or visor, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a small personal medical kit (Band-Aids, anti-chafe cream, blister patches etc.). Don’t forget a backpack or bag to put all your tri gear in!

SWIM 🏊‍♀️

Wetsuit, swimsuit (or tri kit), towel, goggles and the swim cap provided in your race pack. Make sure to wear your timing strap on your left ankle at all times during the race.

BIKE 🚴‍♀️

Any standard bike in good working order will do. Make sure you’ve checked your brakes, chain and gears are all working well. Don’t forget a helmet (essential), repair kit, and bike pump, clothes to wear on the bike (if not wearing a tri suit) and bike shoes if you have them. Otherwise running shoes will do fine.

RUN 🏃‍♀️

Running shoes, socks, and a big smile for when you cross that finish line!


Try to get good sleep the night before. Wake up early and have a good breakfast. Most athletes choose to eat foods like toast or oatmeal. You can have a small snack, like a banana, 30 mins before the race if you’re still feeling hungry. Try to avoid fry-ups/oily foods or high fiber cereals. The worst thing you can do, though, is race on an empty stomach. Breakfast is important, so don’t skip it! 🥣


Do this the night before and in the morning double check you have your race bag packed and ready to go. Check your bike and put any gear you didn’t pack in the car and head to Bullhead City Community Park. There will be shuttles to take you to the swim start.

Use this Race Check list from Run Tri Bike to help ensure you have everything you need.


Packet pick-up will be on September 29th. You will get your swag bag which will include your timing chip, race bib, and stickers for your bike & helmet.


If you haven’t already done so add the stickers from your swag bag to your bike and helmet. At transition you will rack your bike and leave a bag for T2. This is a point to point race so be sure that your run gear is in your T2 bag that will be transported for you. 

You must be wearing your helmet properly, so that officials can check the fit. To rack your bike, hang your bike from the pole by the seat. Next you will need to set up your gear ready to go for the transitions (swim to bike). Make sure your gear is lined up in a convenient way so that you can get through transition as quickly as possible, but always be considerate of your neighbor and keep your gear in your own area.


You’ve done all the hard work, now comes the swim bike run fun! Check to ensure you have your timing chip; it’s race time, babe! 💪

Yes, there will be plenty of volunteers out on course and in transition to answer any of your race questions. They’ll be wearing t-shirts that stand out and will be easy to spot. If you get lost or need general assistance around the event, you can chat to one of our friendly volunteers or staff members who will be wearing the same shirts. If you have any questions in the meantime, send us an email at shestrong@yahoo.com. There are no silly questions!