SheStrong’s Free Splash and Dash: Fun Introduction to Multisport for Kids

SheStrong Free Kids Splash and Dash

Let me take a moment to introduce myself, I am Brandy Ramirez. I founded SheStrong Inc, a non-for-profit 501(c)3 in 2018 after battling stage 3 breast cancer. In October of 2022, I decided to follow mydreams and host the first ever USAT sanctioned triathlon spanning Bullhead City and Kingman, Arizona. Inamed this race the Monarch […]

Overcoming Invisible Challenges

It’s a sunny day, a little brisk, but the vast blue sky provides a feeling that anything is possible. I’m walking the warm-up before my run and I can feel the joints in my feet aren’t particularly excited about the idea of moving this quickly after rolling out of bed. I start to think of […]